I think many of you were probably expecting me to add a model focus post all about gorgeous and kinky British twink boy Louis Blakeson, and hopefully I can do him justice in this post and give all of his adoring fans a little more info.

Although he’s quite new to the world of gay porn, he’s really grabbed our members by the balls and refuses to let go. I mean that in a metaphorical sense of course, although he would probably do so for real if he had the chance ;)

What you might not know about this sexy young Brit is that he’s really pretty kinky. Forget the old notion of British guys being shy and reserved, Louis Blakeson is into some pretty kinky things and doesn’t think twice about trying something new when he has the chance. He apparently hasn’t gone as far as gimp costumes and building his own dungeon, but he really gets off on the idea of owning his own sex slave!

Okay guys, hands up if you would volunteer for that role. I would do it for nothing, just give me enough food and water and this boy could keep me in a box as long as he likes as long as I get regular “exercise” lol

Okay, aside from that slightly creepy tangent, he also has a fetish for fruit. No, this isn’t some lame reference to campness, he actually has an interest in using various fruits in sexual play. That’s something I don’t think we’ve had on the Staxus site yet, but I don’t think many of you would complain about seeing him taking on a banana ;)

Being a versatile bottom he would presumably have some very interesting ideas about what to do with it too.

Now, get your hot little ass into the site and check out some of his video. I’ll start you off by listing his four most recent appearances and you can go and watch him in action at your leisure.

Recent appearances
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