When handsome and slim young Czech star Johny Cherry arrived back in September of 2015 to take the hard jock cock of handsome Nick Vargas in his tight little butt we knew very little about the boy, but we son discovered just how horny he was and what a great performer he could in front of the cameras.

He went on to become one of the most popular young men of 2015/6, appearing in ten amazing videos but leaving us wanting more. It’s been a while since we last saw him in action, but as I always say you never know when a boy might unexpectedly reappear. I don’t know whether this gorgeous young man will be coming back any time soon, but I think we would all welcome him back with open arms!

As I said, we didn’t really know much about him when he made that first video, but eventually got a little more information on him and we were pretty surprised to find out that he’d let quite a sheltered life before moving to Prague and becoming the little cock slut we all knew him to be.

He’d grown up in a little town, being quite shy and very studious. He spent most of his time reading and enjoying the countryside with some friends, and then a buddy of his introduced him to porn when he was seventeen and everything changed. As I understand it, he’d never seen porn before then, but with a little friendly wanking with his buddy over some horny action he was eager to explore more and learn how to enjoy his dick properly with other guys.

Needless to say, he achieved that goal and before too long he was getting his big uncut cock out with other boys and sucking boners, taking dicks up his ass and even being a top boy too.

He started out with us a dedicated bottom, but when he tried some topping on camera he really got into it and before too long he was considering himself a little more versatile. He still preferred to be the one getting those dicks in his hole but if a friend wanted a ride on that big uncut cock of his he was more than happy to oblige.

We haven’t seen him since he fucked the cream out of Johnathan Strake in an outdoor military themed bareback session in September 2016. He was studying for a degree in literature while appearing for us and I think that all went very well. I’m not sure where he is now but I’m quite certain that with his intelligence and his dedication to the written word he’s no doubt doing something he loves.

We miss him, but we have some great videos of the boy enjoying his cock and ass with some other great guys. If you haven’t seen all of his ten videos yet then you really should check out his profile page for everything he’s done. I’m giving you some pics from what I think are some of his best performances for us, so click on the photos to see the video page for each.

Let me know in the comments what you think of him too, do you have a favorite video of his?