Oh my, when I saw the response this handsome young man has been getting on the Staxus site since his first scene arrived just yesterday, I knew I couldn’t wait around to get him on the blog in a Model Focus post. Because he’s so new we don’t know a whole lot about him yet, but I don’t think we need to know a whole lot to be able to create a gushing post of praise for the handsome new arrival!

I don’t know if you will all agree with me on this, but when I saw Florian Mraz I thought there was more than just a little resemblance to the adorable (and extremely sex-crazed) Alex Stevens. I’m not sure what it is about him, but perhaps his eyes and the upturned corners of his sexy mouth are what do it for me?

I’m not crazy am I? You do see it too, right?

Given his amazing performance in that new video with Shane Hirch, and the response it’s had from the members, I’m really thinking the Staxus crew might have just brought in another twink star-in-the-making with this boy!

So, although we don’t know a whole lot about Florian Mraz at the moment, we do know that the stunning Czech boy used to be a plumber, that he loves to flip flop with a horny boy, and he doesn’t mind some kinky play in his sex too. I think that’s pretty much all we actually need to know right now, although I cannot wait to see what else we learn about this new boy in the coming weeks and months.

I have it on good authority that the guy in the office have a whole raft of hardcore scenes lined up for us featuring this gorgeous new arrival, and I for one cannot wait to see what they deliver!

What are your thoughts on this new boy? Let me know in the comments, I really want to hear your opinions and I’m sure all our guests do too.