I think you guys all know that after his arrival on the Staxus site for his first scene with Mike James we would have a model focus post on the blog featuring this handsome and hung young man.

If you haven’t seen him using that big black cock yet then you might want to go and check it out, he really gives it to greedy Mike in that bareback scene!

Now, although I can’t tell you a whole lot about this new arrival just yet, I can tell you that he’s entirely new to the business, and that makes him a little nervous on set and a little in need of some direction. Still, once his big black dick is out and being enjoyed by a new friend he really gets into things very quickly and puts on quite the show.

I know I’m not alone in my love of big dicks, and his really is one of the most impressive in my opinion. It’s not just long and delicious looking, it’s hard and thick too, the kind of cock that can really stretch out a boys ass.

He’s in the right place for that, we have some of the greediest bottoms in the business and they cannot wait to take on that monster cock lol

Check out some pics, but click through to see him on video to really appreciate that enormous cock and the way he uses it :)