I know, we’ve already had a Model Focus post for adorable little Connor Rex, but that was a while ago when he’d only just started out, and he’s been in a lot of amazing hardcore fun since then. I thought we should really take another look at this little hottie now that we’ve said goodbye to the stunning young man.

He first appeared back in April of 2017, and I think most of the members instantly fell in love with him. He looks so sweet and so adorable, but the perfectly placed little patches of fur on his body gave him a teen look that you don’t often see. He was the perfect mix of delicious young twink and hungry little horn-dog, and it was a perfect combination for the fans.

I suggested back in that first focus post about him that we would be seeing a lot more of the boy in action after that debut, and I was very glad to be proven right. From the responses he got on a lot of his videos and from out there on the internet it seems that everyone else was very happy to get a lot more of him too.

So, what did we learn about the Czech boy since his arrival? We know he loves computer games, music, and classic movies from the 80’s and 90’s. We also know that he loves sex, whether he’s the top or the bottom. He’s also a real romantic, he shares a lot in common with fellow young hottie Casey Flip, which totally explains how the two young stars found each other and started a relationship.

If you somehow missed the recent news, Connor and Casey are now very much a thing. I don’t doubt that some of you out there were shipping them early on. What would their ship name be? I’m going with Consey, that sounds pretty good!

Sadly, their dedicated relationship also now means that the two are all about being together and moving on from their time with us, starting new adventures and exploring new careers. We won’t be seeing these boys on video at STAXUS again, at least not for a while.

But, we do have some great scenes with both boys which will definitely keep us all entertained for a while to come, and you never know when a boy might reappear unexpectedly to have some more fun in front of our cameras!

Check out some pics from a selection of the 14 scenes the young man appeared in for us, and click through each to check out the video. In fact, you might just want to see his model pages and click through every video he’s been in!