After watching Chase Evans in his recent bareback fuck with Tommy Lee I knew we had to have a model focus post on here all about the horny young twink. He’s gained a lot of fans on the site since his arrival earlier this year, in no small part thanks to his big uncut twink cock and his role as a sexy top.

We have a lot of bottoms and versatile boys on the site, but Chase is most definitely a top. He’s clearly experienced with fucking other boys in the ass, and it seems all the guys he’s appeared with would agree that he’s one of the sexiest tops they’ve ever been fucked by.

There’s the obvious things to say about this boy, like how cute he is, how meaty his uncut cock is, and how much he seems to spew out when he finally lets his cum fly (if you haven’t seen this boy unloading his nuts then you need to take a look!) but there are some other things that are not so obvious.

For example, Chase is a fun-loving Polish boy who’s known for dancing the night away in the clubs. He’s a real fun boy to be around, and always looking for another opportunity to party.

He’s taken some time out of school to really think about what he wants to do with his life, and although I think we would all love to see him in hardcore action for years to come, there’s a suggestion that he might be interested in moving behind the cameras in the future. Lets hope that’s a long way off yet, there’s plenty more action we want to see with this boys gorgeous cock sliding into other boys butts!

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