It’s only been two months since the arrival of handsome and horny versatile boy Charlie Keller, but I think we can all agree that in that short time he’s really impressed the fans and given us some incredible performances.

Although his model page on the site lists him as being Icelandic, Charlie was actually born in Romania. He was very young when he left his home country for Iceland, but I think you can see it in his handsome face.

His good-looks aren’t the only thing the fans love about him. He’s a smooth and sporty young man with a great body, built from years of playing sports. He’s most interested in Rugby, something his dad used to play in their home country. No doubt he’s not the biggest Rugby playing hunk you’ll see, but he’s apparently quick and can weave through the other lads at speed without fear of being knocked down.

Of course, there are other things about him that we’ve come to love since that first video just a couple of months ago. Most notably he’s packing a pretty big uncut cock, one that’s always hard at a moment’s notice and ready to be put to work.

While almost all of our boys walk onto the set ready and eager to get their stiff inches out for some fun, this boy is like a walking boner according to reports from those who know him. From what I’ve heard about him from other guys on set he’s one of those boys who is constantly horny and could go again for another round within minutes of shooting off a load.

I think that’s quite clear in his performances too, you can really tell that he gets so into his experiences and it’s almost like the cameras aren’t even there. He’s one of those boys you could imagine would be making videos like this even if he wasn’t getting paid for it.

It’s impossible for me to say which of his scenes is the best one, every video we’ve had the pleasure of watching with this boy sharing his cock and ass has been awesome and I think everyone out there is looking forward to more of him.

Take a look at some pics from his scenes so far and make sure you click through if there’s anything you haven’t enjoyed yet. In fact, click through and watch him again even if you’ve seen every video of his so far!