Can you believe gorgeous young blond Casey Flip only arrived in July this year? Since that very first outing with handsome and hung young hunk Adam Webb he’s been collecting plenty of new fans and making some great videos with some of the other hot young stars, and there’s likely a lot more to come from this adorable boy, too.

If you need any proof of what the fans think of him you only need to see his rating on his bio page and some of the comments on the videos he’s appeared in. Rest assured there are a lot of members who look forward to seeing this handsome and fit young man getting his uncut cock out and sharing some fun with friends and they love to boost his profile on the site with some glowing reviews.

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Despite quickly becoming a fan fave we don’t actually know a whole lot about him, or at least we didn’t. I’m gonna change that today and tell you a little more.

Apparently, when he first arrived on set he was a little quiet and some of the crew and models (a couple of the guys happened to be there to watch the shoot) thought that he was arrogant and rude. It turns out he’s just one of those very quiet boys who takes a little while to get comfortable and loosen up.

He was just nervous on that first day. It didn’t take long for him to warm up and start getting chatty, and within a few hours he was making plenty of friends on set. Since then he’s been with some gorgeous boys and they all love him. In fact, he’s become one of director John Smith’s favorite boys to film.

As if we didn’t all love him already and think he’s utterly adorable, he also loves animals and has a very caring nature when it comes to environmental causes.

When he’s not making videos or hanging out with his friends he’s volunteering at a local animal sanctuary, cleaning out the habitats, doing maintenance and helping the staff feed the animals.

Put a gorgeous young man with something cute and furry and you know our hearts will all melt! Maybe I’m speaking for myself here, but knowing that about him just makes him even more adorable.

Whether he’s being top or bottom, he’s a great boy to watch. I would recommend clicking through and checking out the videos he’s been in.