I think we all knew that after seeing blond hottie Carl Ross in a flip flop fuck with Mike James yesterday today’s post was going to be about him. The second I saw that handsome face and his stunning smooth young jock/twink body I was certain that he was going to be very popular with the members, and that seems to be the case.

You’ll notice that I call him a jock/twink… that’s because he’s one of those boys who looks like he’s on the cusp of going from twink boy to jock hottie, and I never know what to call guys like that. I think plenty of you would agree that he looks like he’s going to be an amazing jock performer when he packs a little more muscle on, perhaps that’s what he’s going for in the future? He obviously keeps himself in shape and works out a little.

The Czech boy has been thrown right in a deep end with his first video alongside Mike James, appearing in a flip flop fuck that suits the versatile boy very well. He’s obviously enjoying being top and bottom in his debut, so I think we can expect to see more of that in his future appearances.

Having read a little about him I’m eager to see what he’s going to be doing next, given that he’s so experimental and eager to try new things. It’s always hot to see a new boy trying all kinds of themes and scenarios with other guys, and I can already think of a few things I would love to see this guy getting up to.

At only 19 years of age, he’s already got a promising career ahead of him, and I’m so glad to see him at Staxus, one of the best places for a boy like him to be. I know he’s going to be continuing to impress us for a while yet, and according to my sources his next scene is going to have a lot of you guys cumming hard, more than once ;)