Who was the best bottom boy for Milan?We’re continuing on the Milan Sharp theme today for Staxus Model Day Tuesdays, and I want your opinion on something. If you’ve been following this gorgeous boys appearances on the Staxus site then you know that he’s fucked a few hot guys already, but who do you think was his best bottom out of all of them?

There are a few videos to choose from, and you might have to go back and check out those scenes again to be able to make a proper decision – I know, that’s such a daunting task (not! lol) So to help you along a little we have some sexy pics to remind you of each time he fucked a hot hole, and I’ve included a link through to the previous post showing some more of the pics for each scene too – I’m so good to you ;)

If there are any that you haven’t watched yet, I would definitely suggest you take a look at each and every one of them, if your cock can handle it of course!

First we have Kamyk Walker, another really hot new boy to arrive in the last few months. As you can see from the pic below he took that dick pretty well. I love the angle of this shot with Milan Sharp sliding his meat in there. Non-members can take a look at the previous post of pics for this gay bareback video.

Staxus exclusive Milan Sharp fucks Kamyk Walker

Then we have slim boy Jesse Magowan, who took a pretty good dicking from Milan too, stroking himself off and shooting a nice load as a result of it. This was a real intense flip-flop fucking scene, with Milan getting that boys cock inside him in return for all his efforts. Want to see the last post with more pics of these twinks flip-flop fucking?

Hot bottom boy Jesse Magowan gets fucked by Milan Sharp

A sporty themed shoot might be your thing, and for that there’s the video of Milan Sharp fucking his competition into submission with Tim Law taking that cock. You probably know that Tim Law is one of the greediest bottoms on the Staxus site, and he was apparently begging to appear on camera taking that big cock inside him for a little while before they finally hooked him up! See some of the pics of Tim getting fucked by Milan in the previous post about the scene.

Cute twink Tim Law fucked by Milan Sharp

And finally we have something that really impressed all the fans of the site, when Aaron Aurora did something never before seen in a Staxus video and he took three hard cocks in his tight little ass all at the same time! Milan Sharp was of course among the boys slamming his hole and filling him with cock, and it resulted in an impressive spunk fest by the end of it. Check out the post of pics from that gay triple penetration video.

Milan Sharp joins other boys to gang fuck Aaron Aurora

So, let me know, who do you guys think took Milan’s big dick the best? Leave a comment below with your choice, and don’t forget that you can check out all of these scenes again on the site if your memory of them is a little cloudy – like you need an excuse to stroke one out to this boy! lol

Stay tuned to the blog for another post of Milan Sharp getting fucked in the butt too, and you can also vote on which bottom scene of his you think was the hottest.