Three days ago, I have showed you two of the new Caribbean guys and one quick look at the comments tells me you like them a lot. Here are two more guys I want to introduce to you and I hope you like these sexy Latinos.

Felipe Esquivel is an 18 year old guy from the Dominican Republic. He has a nice lean body, a cute smile and an impressive uncut cock. We have filmed four scene with Felipe of which two of those are threesomes. Felipe wants to make it big as a gay porn star and if you want to support him, make sure to follow him on [link url=”” title=”Twitter” target=”_blank” /].

Manuel Emilio is 18 years old as well and he’s actually one of Felipe’s best friends. Don’t let his innocent and boyish looks fool you, cause this guy is a rough fucker. He’s got the right equipment, too. Manuel will appear in three scenes of which one is a threesome.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and stay tuned for more hung Caribbean guys, cause we got more of them!