So, yesterday I shared one little screenshot of gorgeous boy Lucas Drake finally getting some action on video for a scene that’s coming to the site this month, and it seems to have gained quite a bit of attention.

I can understand why, the boy is more tempting than a slice of chocolate cake when you’ve been on a diet for a year.

There’s a little guessing going on about who exactly it is getting the opportunity to feed the boy his big uncut cock and shove his immense tool into the boy’s hole, but even though I’m very tempted to give you more on that I saw this shot from the video today and knew that you guys would appreciate this more.

This is mid-fuck, of course, gaping and ready for more of that big bare dick inside him. Even though we’ve basically only seen the twink wanking himself off in his appearances previously it’s obvious this one is a full-on session that he’s dived right into, bottom first.

I have to say that it’s going to be pretty hard for me to keep posting about this video knowing how good it is but not really able to tell you too much just yet, all I can really do is recommend that you carry on following the blog and keep on guessing who it is fucking that perfect young hole :)