We seem to be on a bit of a roll with the locker room action recently. There’s a lot of it thrown into the mix on the Staxus site, and we have a new addition to the party too in this soccer boy threeway with Drake Law, Lucas Davidson and Luckas Layton!

We’ve all heard stories about what happens in the locker rooms. I have a long list of experiences guys have shared with me, from the boner ridicule of the teenage student who can’t control his cock and prevent it from getting hard for all his buddies to point and laugh at, to the guys who admit to jerking off thinking about all that naked cock swinging around, and the even the guys who join teams and find that there are some special initiation rituals involving shooting a cum load in the showers… it’s the stuff of legend and fantasy for a lot of us.

So for all those who get off on the smells and sights of a locker room, this soccer boy threeway is for you!

Drake Law and Lucas Davidson are assisting each other with their hard uncut boy dicks when they’re rudely interrupted by chav boy Luckas Layton. But although he might look a little mean and rough, when he sees those dicks he’s all about swallowing them!

The boys take turns feeding their unexpected guest, but the soccer boy threeway gets a lot more anal after that too, with those lads taking turns to fill in his hole with their dicks.

You can almost head the cries of “GOAAAAAAL!” when the cream erupts from those cocks ;)

Gay Locker Room Sex at Staxus (1)

Gay Locker Room Sex at Staxus (2)

Gay Locker Room Sex at Staxus (3)

Gay Locker Room Sex at Staxus (4)