Okay, I’m teasing you a little with this recent photo collection on the Staxus site. We’re waiting for some hardcore video to arrive for all the members, and while we are I had to get some pics of the action on here for you to check out. It’s another great Mechanics theme shoot, and this time it’s some twink ass being banged as Zac Todd and Alex Master get their freak on.

There’s a lot about this scene that will have you wanking this evening, but these boys are especially hot for all the guys who like to have their lads shaved and smooth, hairless around the cock and balls. You know, shaving down there makes everything look bigger? But these boys definitely don’t need that, they’re big enough already!

Alex Master is the delicious lad opening up his smooth twink ass for his buddy to slide his raw cock meat into, and it’s a totally delicious site. If all the cock sucking and ball play hasn’t had you creaming yet, then the sight of these boys banging away right there in the workshop most definitely will.

See if you can hold that cream in your nuts for a while longer though, because the salty reward at the end is worth joining in with as Zac Todd gets a cum dripping facial!

Check out the site and see if the video has been added yet…

Zac Todd and Alex Master at Staxus (1)

Zac Todd and Alex Master at Staxus (2)

Zac Todd and Alex Master at Staxus (3)

Zac Todd and Alex Master at Staxus (4)