This scene would be awesome enough with just handsome Max Grey welcoming gorgeous new boy Abir Tevel to the world of hardcore STAXUS action, but it’s made even more amazing with the arrival of sexy young Orri Gaul. As a massive fan of sporty porn and uncut cocks, in locker room settings, you can probably imagine how much I was looking forward to this video! It really hasn’t let me down.

It’s the start of the Futsal Flings series, and we’re joining Max and Abir in the locker room after a game, with their uncut cocks out of their shorts and the sight of each other too much to resist. The boys make out and their dicks meet in some sexy frotting, which is something I love to see in a video with a theme like this one too.

As their lust for cock grows, the boys take turns licking and sucking those hard young dicks, each young man taking the other into his mouth and slurping on his hooded length, tasting the clear liquid leaking out of his friend and savoring the flavor. It has to be said that new boy Abir has a stunning cock, pale and pink, long and solid, with a lovely pair of balls every one of you out there would love to lick and suck too.

It turns out that this handsome and fit young man is a pretty talented cock sucker too, something tells me he’s had some experience! :)

Things escalate pretty quickly and before you know it he’s licking and lapping at Max’s tight little pucker, pleasuring the boy’s taint and preparing to slide his naked dick into his pal.

If there’s a guy out there who isn’t already on the cusp of cumming as Abir slides his bare cock into Max then you’re a better man than I am. I was just about ready to gush out my cream at this point, but I’m glad I managed to hold on because it’s at this point that Orri Gaul finally joins the fray.

He’s caught them in the act, and it’s only a matter of moments before he’s got his own uncut cock out of his shorts and he’s joining in with this sporty friends.

He takes over, sliding his own dick into lucky Max while Abir heads to the front to get some more sucking.

It’s a great threesome, with both boys taking turns to feed and fuck their lucky friend right there in the middle of their small changing room, where presumably any of the other members of the team could arrive and discover them at any moment.

That would be a little too much though, right? Max has enough to deal with already, including a couple of hot splashing cum loads being fired off in his face and mouth as the boys wank over him. He’s not far behind, splashing his own cream out of his cock to finish the threesome.

Phew, it’s a great video, but don’t just take my word for it. Enjoy some of the pics and click through for the scene, and leave a comment below to tell me what you think about the fun these boys have had, and what you think of new boy Abir!