Next Sunday the fourth and sadly last scene of the great porn movie “Kneel and Pray” will go online at and every member certainly enjoyed the past three scenes.

So you are right when you ask why you should watch the trailer for this movie today!

Well, rumors say that there still are people around who have no membership for yet and who refuse themselves the amazing sex scenes & toy games this movie depicts.

The other reason why members should watch that trailer as well is that it gives you a good impression of the really really hard fuck Angel Lopez will experience in the movie’s final scene! Hunky and muscular Filip Bethsaida fucks poor twink boy Angel so hard in his ass that you could almost feel pity for him! Almost… haha!

Enjoy this trailer and look forward to the 4th scene of “Kneel and Pray”!

[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”24726″]