I heard a little gossip from my secret squirrel in the Staxus office this morning, telling me a little more about the totally hot new Fire Me Up videos coming to the site, and specifically about handsome young man Jeffrey Lloyd.

I know you guys like to hear about these things as much as I do, so I thought I would share this.

Jeffrey isn’t used to dressing up, and he was apparently very impressed with the uniform he got to use in his threesome video with Johny Cherry and Chad Johnstone.

He should be impressed too, it’s a genuine uniform! Not many of us get the chance to enjoy an actual firefighters uniform for some of our kinky play, but I guess some of you might now be getting out there looking for yours to make that special session with a buddy a little more realistic :)

He supposedly wanted to take it home with him, although what he would actually use it for is absolutely a mystery – not.

I have no idea where they managed to get hold of a real uniform, but I guess they’re out there somewhere and you could probably find one for yourself if you look hard enough. No, that doesn’t mean I’m going looking for one (although yes, secretly I will be lol)

Stick around for the arrival of the video in a couple of weeks, I think this threesome is really gonna do it for you as much as it did it for Jeffrey!