We’re a week away from something special that I know is going to have a lot of you guys hard and stroking it in anticipation.

Jaro Stone is an adored boy we haven’t seen in action since July this year, but after a few months out of the limelight he’s about to come back and share his delicious uncut cock with a brand new boy in what can only really be described as an amazing pairing.

Believe me, I’ve just been watching the video (I got an early peek! Yay!) and I can tell you that this one is going to have you all salivating.

No doubt you want to know all the tasty details of this pairing, and you probably want to know a lot more about the new boy too. Well, you’re gonna have to wait a little longer for that! All I can offer you at the moment is a teasing photo of Jaro getting his hard young uncut cock sucked by the lucky new arrival, and I can tell you that from what I’ve seen this new boy loves the taste of another guys cock in his mouth – and the feel of it up his tight ass too! :)

Stick around, keep checking in, there’s more of this pairing coming up on the blog. In the meantime I recommend going to check out the other videos Jaro Stone appeared in.