I was never too sporty when I was a teen, but I wish I had been, especially when I see videos like this one coming up on the STAXUS site this month with adorable boy Connor Rex getting bareback fucked by Vitali Kutcher.

Hands up all those readers out there who love some footballer cock. I can’t see you, but I get the feeling almost all of you really enjoy the sight of a couple of sporty boys like these sharing their dicks with each other, and while keeping some of their gear on too.

From the looks of things, these two boys are going to be delivering something that everyone is gonna love. Previous footballer cock scenes have been adored by the fans, but on occasions where the gear is all totally removed from the scene a little early there’s often the criticism that it would be better to see them fucking with their boots on and their socks up.

Well, it seems someone has been paying attention to that.

Of course I can’t tell you too much about this scene in the Offside Trap series just yet, we have a little while to wait before we get this video, but you can see from this teaser pic that the fun is gonna be worth watching.

And yes, this definitely makes me wish I’d taken the time to play more football with my mates back in the day, maybe I would have had the chance to share some hot butt fucking fun with a few of them? :)