Following on from our announcement last week that Jaro Stone had just filmed what is likely to be his very last scene for STAXUS, we received the following message from one of our fans, Simon:-

“Just looked and he has done 22 scenes with Staxus and his last one will make 23. I wonder what the record is at Staxus?”

Simon, we like your nerdish style. And it got us thinking – is Jaro Stone the greatest of all time? He’s certainly one of our all-time favourites, that’s for sure; but we know for a fact that he isn’t our most prolific star.

Does anyone know who is?

In the meantime, we’ve been thinking back to some of the terrific performances that Jaro has put in for STAXUS over the past few years; including his arguably controversial appearance in COLLEGE DROPOUTS, when he was spotted donning facial hair. We’re still fairly evenly divided here as to whether it was a good look or not, but one thing’s for sure … Jaro is always a top-notch draw in any guise, and will certainly always remain one of our favourite performers.

If you haven’t already got it, why not take advantage of the current offer on COLLEGE DROPOUTS and add it to your collection:-

In the meantime, you can look forward to Jaro’s latest – and probably last – appearance, with Vittorio Vega in BARE BEDFELLOWS, on in the next couple of weeks!