While the STAXUS blog was down for a few days we missed out on talking about some of the new videos, and some of the gorgeous new stars appearing on the site in amazing hardcore videos. Even though I wasn’t able to add posts here you can bet I was making full use of my time and watching these scenes as they arrived, and of course taking notes (one-handed skills).

One of the new boys I was really looking forward to was Will Banks.

When I saw the first photos of this handsome young man I knew instantly that he was going to get a lot of fans, and when I knew he would be sucking on the big uncut cock of Bjorn Nykvist before stuffing his hole with his own naked uncut boner in his debut I was certain that he was going to impress a lot of you.

I was right, it looks like you guys want more of this handsome and slightly hairy guy after seeing him giving it to Bjorn in a romantic fuck scene for the Snow Blind series.

He’s such a handsome guy, with a great juicy uncut dick, and he knows how to have fun with another boys boner and ass too. It’s clear he had a lot of fun in his first video, there’s no acting that I can see, he was just genuinely into it with Bjorn and it led to an excellent video.

If you haven’t yet watched it I recommend going to check it out. I’m sure Will is going to be a popular boy with you guys after this.