February was an amazing month, I think we can all agree. We saw some awesome new videos dropping on the site, and the Refugee series really grabbed us all by the balls and kept us coming back for more. I was looking through all the videos that arrived last month wondering which one was the most popular and I was actually surprised by just how many of them got such great ratings and comments from the fans, but one really stands out.

I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised to see that the bareback fuck between cute Ron Negba and Milan Silver was the most popular one for the month, it makes sense.

Ron has gained so many fans since he first appeared at the end of last year, he always gets a lot of attention whenever his cute face is on the blog, but teaming him up with Milan is what really did it.

Milan was missing from our schedule for nine long months, and considering he was so popular when he was making videos with us in 2016/17 is was a no-brainer that his return would get the members all hot and bothered.

He was a perfect match for Ron, the boys really hit it off from the moment they met and you can totally see from the way they gobble those dicks and share some deep anal action that they’re pretty well suited to each other.

Milan really gives it to the boy and Ron can’t get enough, if the way he sucks that cock doesn’t get you dripping precum and ready yo spurt then the sight of the young man taking a ride on that impressive uncut dick certainly will.

Handsome Milan gives a memorable performance, as he always does, plunging his bare boner deep into the boy’s ass and giving the twink the kind of fucking he loves to get, finishing it all off with some big pumping cum loads. Milan spews his jizz out all over that fucked ass and makes Ron wank his own juices out over himself to finish things off perfectly.

The scene is currently at 4.9/5, which is a really high rating. Most of our videos get into the 4 – 4.5 range, but this one definitely stands out from the crowd.

If you haven’t seen it then you need to go and watch the action, but here’s some pics to remind you.

Make sure you go and see it and remember to leave a comment on the video and give it a good rating.