It’s the weekend – and whilst you’re awaiting the release of the next fantastically sordid scene on, maybe you’d like to see what other filth is currently doing the rounds at

As it happens, there’s actually a 30% sale on a whole range of titles taking place at the moment; and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a quick look at three DVDs that we think you might like.

Beginning with an offering from French Twinks entitled “Lycéens Délures“, which basically translates to “High School Students”. It’s a kind of pornographic version of “High School Musical” – without any of the crass singing, dancing and storyline! What it does boast, however, is a fucking gorgeous biology teacher (Doryann Marguet), whose idea of a first-class education involves plenty of hard punishment and hard cock!

Next up, another educationally-inspired offering – this time from Naked Sword, and directed by Chi Chi LaRue – “The Slutty Professor”. Very loosely based on the American comedy film, “The Nutty Professor”, it features hunky Ace Era in the title role; a man who discovers a potion that makes him irresistable to his students. If you like a distinct humour to your porn and enjoy lads of a slightly older calibre, then this is definitely for you!

Finally, arguably our favourite, Spritzz’s “Morning Glory At Sperm Camp” – which deserves an award for its unquestionably cheeky title, and the fact that it features Titus Snow! Suffice it to say that this XXX DVD is the perfect accompaniment to summer; as a horny bunch of fresh-faced boys take to life under campas as never before. Then again, with throbbing cocks aplenty and spunk shooting in all directions, why the fuck wouldn’t they?