Many of you guys know that I have some special secret contacts in the STAXUS HQ offices (okay, they’re not that secret lol) and I always enjoy hearing from them. This morning, in the early hours, I found out about gorgeous new boy Bjorn Nykvist and I couldn’t wait to get some pics on here for you guys to enjoy.

I already know that this young man is absolutely your “type”. How could he not be? He’s good looking, slim, tall, sexy and horny too. And what about that cock!?

I know absolutely nothing else about him at the moment, but I know that these photos are going to have plenty of you looking forward to his arrival. I assume we’re going to be seeing him putting that rather impressive uncut cock to good use in another boys ass, but maybe he’s all about bottoming?

Let me know what you predict in the comments below; is he a top, a bottom or versatile?

I guess it doesn’t matter too much, right? Any opportunity to see this sexy young man sharing a scene with another boy (or two) is always going to please us.

Oooh, I can’t wait to see Bjorn Nykvist in action for his debut!

New twink Bjorn Nykvist coming to STAXUS 1 New twink Bjorn Nykvist coming to STAXUS 2