Yes, you guys know I love teasing you with news and giving you little hints at what’s coming up on the STAXUS site, and I know that when I tell you Angel Lopez is going to be back in just over a week to share a scene with another fan fave I know it’s going to have plenty of you guys hard and horny in anticipation of what you might be getting.

Believe me, I’m looking forward to this one, but then I would be looking forward to anything Angel appears in. Seriously, this boy could be presenting a Health and Safety video as part of a campaign to prevent paper cuts and I would still be watching it lol

Okay, maybe he would need to be naked and wanking while he presents, but you get the idea.

So who is he going to be teamed up with? I could tell you, I suppose. Then again, where would the fun be in that?

No, sadly I can’t tell you who he’s going to be on screen with, or what they’re going to be getting up to (who will bottom in that scenario? I just don’t know!) but you guys are free to guess and suggest who you hope he’s going to be sharing his cock, mouth and (possibly) tight little ass with in the comments below.

Come on guys, who do you think he’s going to be on video with? I know at least one of you is going to instantly say his name :)