I guess I’m on a bit of a hardcore gay threesome addiction today. After the last threeway video I shared on the Staxus blog I was clicking through to check out some more of them and when I saw this scene I knew you guys would get off on it too.

This one is pretty interesting, because it twists the old pizza delivery boy fantasy and makes it a little different.

You know the fantasy I’m talking about, right? The idea is that a gorgeous guy arrives with your pizza, and you invite him in, then you discover that you don’t quite have enough money to pay for it. What are you going to do? Of course, you offer him something else to make up for the money, like a handjob or a cock sucking, or maybe you even offer him your ass to slide his hard one into?

We’ve all thought about it when a handsome young delivery guy arrives at the door lol

But this hardcore gay threesome takes things a little further when first the handyman arrives to check the fridge, and then the pizza boy arrives and finds the two horny guys going at it right in front of him. Does he run away in disgust? Does he hide and stroke his cock to the live show? Does he invite himself in and get naked to share his shaft with the boys too?

Yeah, I think we all know how this one is going!

Speaking of fantasies… we have something coming up on the Staxus blog that is really going to blow your mind. You better start thinking about all the scenarios and fantasies that get your cock dribbling precum, because this involves some great audience participation. More on that coming soon! ;)

Uncut Boy Threeway (1)

Uncut Boy Threeway (2)

Uncut Boy Threeway (3)

Uncut Boy Threeway (4)