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After the last gay double penetration video I shared on the blog this evening I quickly found another in my top ten list on the Staxus site, and I think you’ll know why it’s a favorite of mine as soon as you see some of these pics. I’ve added some pics of this gay DP video before on the blog, but now you have a video to enjoy too! ;)

I guess you know that I’m really into the dominant muscle guys, almost as much as I’m into the twink lads. So guys like Marty Love and Zack Hood really do something for me whenever I see them in a hardcore shoot. But you know that it’s gonna be even more immense to see those muscle guys cocks both easing into a hot little ass together for a gay double penetration session like this one.

Although I know I probably wouldn’t be able to take all that cock inside my hole, the young twink lad David Bruckman certainly can! He’s one talented bottom, and when it comes to cock he’s a greedy little bottom too and doesn’t think twice about opening up his sweet ass for a double dicking like this one.

Sure, he might be playing the role of the innocent young man being dominated by those muscle hunks, but when you see his own uncut cock throbbing and drooling precum as those shafts rub together inside his chute you know he’s totally getting off on it. ;)

Gay Double Penetration

Double Penetration With Marty Love, Zack Hood and David Bruckman

Muscle Cock Double Penetration

Marty Love and Zack Hood fuck David Bruckman

Gay Double Penetration with Marty Love, Zack Hood and David Bruckman

Gay Double Penetration

Threesome With Gay Double Penetration