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It amazes me when I think back how many times I could cum in one afternoon. I mean, I could wank with a lad over some mags and shoot a load, then fifteen minutes later we’d be wanking again and shooting another wad. I think I had a record of eight times in one day, and by the last cum shot I could barely squirt anything out of my cock! lol

My first ass fuck was not as natural and easy looking as this though. The two twink boys fucking here are obviously not new to anal action, and they’re both so obviously eager for it too. When I was feeling my ass stretching around my friends hard cock back then I was in agony. But only for a few minutes, then it was amazing. But these lads are all about that ass fucking once they’ve had a taste of each others uncut dicks.

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The twink boys fucking in this shoot are so into it, and seeing that thick boy meat pumping away at that hole and really stretching it makes me wonder what my friend and I would have looked like in the field back then.

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Two Boys Bareback Fucking (1)

Two Boys Bareback Fucking (2)

Two Boys Bareback Fucking (3)

Two Boys Bareback Fucking (4)