Blond boy David Ballard and sexy dark haired twink lad Mark Godin are the boys getting it on in this video on the Staxus site. I found it in the Bareback Monster Cocks collection, and after stroking along to the great butt fuck the lads enjoy in the sauna I was pretty sure you guys would want to see it too.

I have to say though, after checking out the gallery of pics showing off these bareback twinks fucking, the shots really don’t do the video justice! I know it looks good already, but when you actually see the video with all the close up shots of these handsome boys sucking on each others hooded dicks and getting all sweaty with each other you’ll be struggling to hold back your load ;)

David Ballard makes a great bottom for Mark Godin to slide into. I’ve seen him taking some stiff cock before, but watching him taking it from Mark is really hot. His ass is just open enough for him to be able to slide right onto that uncut cock and ride it – all the sweat definitely helps to keep them both slippery I guess! lol

David gets the cum fucked out of his cock and splashes it over his hairy abs, then he’s licking and sucking on Mark’s throbbing shaft and getting a taste of his semen as it pumps out of his foreskin covered helmet!

For fans of watching bareback twinks fucking, we have a lot of videos on the site to appreciate. I think you’ll a lot of you will definitely enjoy this one.

Mark Godin fucks David Ballard (1)

Mark Godin fucks David Ballard (2)

Mark Godin fucks David Ballard (3)

Mark Godin fucks David Ballard (4)