Welcome to the end of another week! We’ve had some great new scenes added over the last seven days, and although I’ll be getting to a new video a little later this evening, I wanted to go back through the Staxus site again today to dig out some of the hottest cock action we have.

This is one of our hottest and kinkiest gay cum eating videos, and it kicks off straight away with the first of three boys blasting out a hot load into a condom when he’s jerked off by two guys in a toilet and then has that warm load dumped out over his own mouth!

I have to confess something here and admit that I have a slight fetish for condoms. I don’t know where it came from but the smell of a condom does something to me. I guess that’s lucky, and an interesting way to enforce safe sex! lol

But the gay cum eating action doesn’t end with that boy getting his wanked load smeared into his mouth, because his wanking friends take things further between them, sucking and fucking bareback – so much for the condoms! ;)

Both those boys get a taste of each others jizz loads at the end too, licking and sucking the last of the cream from each others uncut cocks to end a delicious toilet sex scene.

Three Restroom Boys (1)

Three Restroom Boys (2)

Three Restroom Boys (3)