Although we pride ourselves on our professionalism at Staxus, when you have a building full of young horny guys with balls full to bursting with cum, you know that even though it’s all above board and highly professional there is still a lot of cock action going on. Some of the boys we invite for a casting are so horny they’re constantly hard and wanking, and sucking each other off in the restroom or even the car park… it’s all pretty common.

It’s amazing how many lads we invite in just for a chat about them working with us, and then find them sucking some cock in the toilets or hooking up with another boy in the building and running off for some action!

That’s what this mensroom fuck video is all about, kind of showing what we have to deal with on a daily basis. I know, it’s such a hard job! lol

Steve has his cock in his hand taking a piss while Cley admires the dudes rather delicious meat. But the compliments he pays to that uncut schlong lead to an invite to make it hard in his mouth. Of course, like I say, all the boys are horny and any chance for some cock is welcomed! He’s on that meat pretty quick, getting it solid. It was already a beauty, but when it’s hard it’s even more delicious with a swollen head and a smooth curved length.

Cley offers his new friend the same back, getting his own cock gobbled by the new boy just as Joy arrives to catch them in the act. As they’ve only just finished a shoot, the guy has a camera close to hand and starts filming them, with his own cock out and ready too. You know it’s going to become a great mensroom fuck video!

All the threeway sucking is totally hot to watch, but the threeway fucking is even more impressive! I would love to be the one in the middle, with my cock in a hot ass while a lad behind me fucks my hole too.