How is it that the slimmest and twinkiest boys have some of the biggest dicks? Have you noticed that? We have a lot of gorgeous young lads in the Staxus videos, and so many of them have real huge twink cocks too, and I mean MAN SIZED! Chris Young is one of those boys.

I’ve seen him in action before, and I knew that watching him slamming that raw cock into the tight little butt of Roy Lust would be an amazing sight. There are plenty of lads who could take it, with a little work, but Roy is a real hungry lad, as you can see from the way he sucks and gobbles on that thing. He really goes to town on Chris Young’s huge twink cock, and even takes some face fucking before switching holes ;)

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The cummy mess all over Chris’ cock at the end is really horny to watch. I get off on some frott action, especially when the guys dicks are slippery with ball juice ;)

Boy Fucked By Huge Twink Cock (1)

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