I know I don’t normally start a post by mentioning the weather, but I though it appropriate when I’m posting some action from one of the Staxus Outdoors videos. The rain has been coming down like crazy here over the last couple of days, so there has been no chance of some outdoor cock action like the boys are getting in this video. Unless you want to get really wet and catch a cold too lol

This video is all about something I am sure a lot of us have enjoyed in the past. Skinny dipping is such a fun thing to share with friends, and I have a few memories of heading out to the clearing in the woods where I grew up as a teen and jumping into the big pond there with some friends. It sometimes led to some shared wanking, but nothing like these horny boys get up to!

This is a cock orgy that will have you all thinking about taking a dip in the local lake, but the chances of being joined by a third horny lad are probably slim.

Still, anything for some cock orgy fun right? Get out there in the water with a friend, you never know what might happen when those dicks are out and swinging around! lol

Gay Twink Threeway (1)

Gay Twink Threeway (2)