I have a question for all the Staxus blog readers…

How often can you cum in one day? In fact, how often can you cum in one session with a buddy?

I ask this because I’ve just been watching this really intense ass slamming action on the site with a double cum shot from the sexy young guy taking it. Bottom lad Samuel shoots two hot loads with his buddy, and it got me thinking about how common this is.

I’ve had a few session with guys over the years where the dude has shot two loads, but it often takes a long session of sucking and fucking before he’s able to pump out another cum shot. But with Samuel, he cums once, then gets his ass fucked deep by his bareback buddy, takes a really massive splashing load over his back and then he’s ready to stroke out another wad of cream too!

I love double cum shot videos like this, and we actually have a few of them on the site. I guess it shows how horny the boys are for the action, and there is no way that a guy not getting off on it would be able to do a double cum shot scene like this lad.

Check out the video on the site, cum shot fans will absolutely love seeing his dick squirting off! ;)

Horny Uncut Boys (1)

Horny Uncut Boys (2)

Horny Uncut Boys (3)

Horny Uncut Boys (4)