It’s something we hear a lot of, that power corrupts. But if this is the way it corrupts, then I say bring it on! This is one of my recent finds on the Staxus site, and for fans of gay spitroast threesome videos it’s a real horny one too!

John Hill is the hard guard in this gay threesome video who likes to use those in his charge for some sexual favours, and I guess this is the kind of thing that goes on in prisons all around the world. When you think about it, if you were in his job and you had gorgeous young men with balls full of cum walking around you all day, you might become a little corrupt by it all too, right? I’m no saint, and I have to admit that the thought of getting some action with Marty Broome and Michael Cross might push me into a little corruption too!

He threatens young twink Michael and tells him that he wants his cock, or he’s gonna make his sentence longer. Neither Michael nor his buddy Marty Broome wants that, so they agree. But although they might be convinced into it, neither seems to reluctant when their stiffening uncut cocks are out and being played with!

Handsome Marty Broome has to be my favourite lad in this gay threesome video, getting in the middle and taking a fucking from his fellow inmate while sucking on the officers cock – and getting the cum sucked and wanked from his own meaty uncut one too before getting the prison guards load splashed all over it!

But the real highlight for me – as mentioned in the scene description too – is seeing Michael Cross pulling his raw cock out and wanking his squirting load over Marty’s hole. You guys know I love messy cum shots, and his is totally delicious to watch!

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