I was talking to one of the guys in the Staxus office this morning and I was asking him who his favourite performer is. We all have different stars that we love to see in action, and I love finding out from guys who their choice is for the top spot. His answer took a while (understandable considering the number of gorgeous guys we have on the site) but he eventually said Cameron Jackson.

I have to agree that Cameron Jackson is one of the most lusted after lads in our videos. Ever since he appeared in his first shoot for Staxus years ago he’s been an incredibly popular guy.

So I found this video from a while ago and I though you guys might want to see some of the pics. He’s joined by Filipi, a young and sexy lad with a real thick uncut cock and a tight little butt demanding of some cock inside it. And you know Cameron Jackson has an impressive length of fuckmeat to share!

It’s a pretty funny and imaginative story to this one. Cameron Jackson has invited the young and sexy IT guy to come and install a web cam for him (how does he not know how to plug in a web cam? lol) and the lad finds some “compromising” photos on his laptop.

Anyway, skip to the good stuff… Cameron Jackson feeds the guy his lengthy uncut shaft and rimms out that perfect ass, then slides in his raw cock for some fucking right there on the couch. The riding is awesome as the IT guys impales his hole and takes that cock deep!

There are a few special moments for me in this video. First, check out the huge cum explosion Cameron Jackson splashes all over the lads back! That’s a real mess of cum he delivers and the bottom boy is eager to get a taste as he sucks that cock clean. Then there’s the sucking Cameron gives in return, struggling to pleasure so much fat dick. But the furious wanking he does is pretty impressive as he gets his bottom buddy shooting his cream!

Check out the video whether you’re a Cameron Jackson fan or not. I think you’ll really get off on it when you see those dicks in action ;)

Getting fucked by Cameron Jackson at Staxus! (1)

Getting fucked by Cameron Jackson at Staxus! (2)

Getting fucked by Cameron Jackson at Staxus! (3)

Getting fucked by Cameron Jackson at Staxus! (4)