I think any guy who goes to the gym has this fantasy of hooking up with a dude there, and plenty of us have had some cock action in a place like that too. It’s hard not to get real horny when you’re surrounded by hot young muscular guys working out, and some of the dudes look so delicious in their little shorts!

I’ve met a few guys in gyms and then had some great hurried sex in the car, or at a cruising spot. Sometimes it’s even led to some shared wanking and sucking in the gym showers or a cubicle too. But the guys in this video in the Staxus Sportladz collection go a lot further than just some cock play. I guess that’s one reason to have a home gym instead though, kind of like a bondage fetish guy having his own dungeon in the basement!

Lukas Leung is the top in this gay gym sex video, finding the lean and tight bod and the thick hard cock of Abel Collis irresistible. The handsome dude loves the sight of that thick meat and he needs a taste as soon as it’s out and throbbing.

His own tasty prick isn’t ignored though and Abel Collis returns the cock gobbling. The real highlight of this gay gym sex shoot for me though has to be the bareback fucking. It’s something I’ve fantasised about in the gym when I’ve seen a really hot young muscled guy walk past. I imagine bending him over a machine and sliding my dick into him right there, as the other guys all gather around to wank themselves off and watch me fuck the cum out of him.

That’s what Abel Collis gets too as Lukas Leung rams his shaft in and out of his hole, eventually making the guy squirt a hot load over himself. But Lukas Leung is the real cummer in this video, pulling out and wanking himself off until squirt after squirt of white ball juice sprays out to streak across Abel’s tight abs and chest!

Lukas is definitely another one of those heavy squirters, and being the cum fan I am it’s so hot to watch in slow motion as the cream decorates his buddy! ;)

Lukas Leung Fucks Abel Collis (1)

Lukas Leung Fucks Abel Collis (2)

Lukas Leung Fucks Abel Collis (3)

Lukas Leung Fucks Abel Collis (4)

Lukas Leung Fucks Abel Collis (5)