I was very surprised today to find that there was a Johan Volny video on the Staxus site that I seemed to have missed out when I was on my little rampage of sharing all of his hardcore! So, before I share some photos from a brand new gallery I first have to rectify this glaring problem and get some of these delicious pics of his hardcore European jock sex with Mr. Rush.

There’s more to this than you might expect, with Johan first seducing the waiter and sucking the handsome man off, getting a big load of cum splashed over his pecs. Just as the right time his lover arrives in the room to see the final moments of a great cock sucking, and the waiter makes his excuses. You know where this is now going, right?

The two lovers have a bit of a row, with Johan being kicked out, but the handsome guy knows how to make it up to his man and when he returns to apologize we’re treated to a great session of make-up sex.

The sight of the two sucking each other off and playing with some tight ass is almost enough to have my cock splashing out some juice, but you should all hold on to see the real hot European jock sex as Johan sinks his hard cock into his lover and gives it to him deep and rampant!

Both these guys are so gorgeous, they make the perfect couple. I would have loved to have seen a threesome with the waiter though, that would have been amazing! ;)

European jock sex at its best (1)

European jock sex at its best (2)

European jock sex at its best (3)

European jock sex at its best (4)