I have something a little different for you guys today with this Staxus scene. I was checking out some of the shoots I hadn’t watched yet when I stumbled across this one and remembered that it was on my list. The massively muscled top goes by the name of Tatoo Boy (quite appropriately I think you’ll agree) and he’s about to claim the ass of young twink lad Tom Nutt in this hardcore shoot. The big guy is the reason I love this video and wanted to share it on the blog with you guys.

He might look like an extra from Mad Max, but guys like this hunky specimen of muscled manliness are men I really get off on. I have a thing for alternative looking men, and when they have muscled bods and can totally dominate like this guy can it just makes them even hotter!

He starts off wanking his pierced uncut muscle cock but soon discovers the sexy boy appreciating him and playing with his own dick, so he decides to give the boy what he wants and gets him on his knees to suck him off. Tatoo Boy has a taste for dick himself too, and he can’t resist the long and slender inches of that lads pole, sucking him off before opening up that snug butt for his shaft.

It’s a great fuck, with a lot of riding. But the best part has to be all the cum that uncut muscle cock spews for Tom Nutt to gobble on. He licks the thick load from the muscled hunks hand and then wanks out his own cream too!

Where can I find some rough alternative dudes like this one?!

Twink takes an uncut muscle cock (1)

Twink takes an uncut muscle cock (2)

Twink takes an uncut muscle cock (3)

Twink takes an uncut muscle cock (4)