Are you into outdoor gay fucking? I really want to know. I’ve thought about this a lot over the last few months ever since I hooked up with this really gorgeous guy on a night out and we found this place behind a club to wank and suck each other. He wanted me to fuck him right there against the wall, but something was up with that and I decided to keep it to stroking and sucking the cum from each other.

I was looking through the videos in the Staxus Outdoors category this afternoon and when I found this one I started to think more about it. I think it’s all about the place you’re doing it.

I remember when I first started enjoying some outdoor fun with a friend when I was younger. We’d go and spend some wanking time in the woods, looking through old porno mags and jerking each other off. I have to admit that the thought of outdoor gay fucking with him in those woods does get me hard now and I wish we’d done more back then than just play with our boners and get each other shooting.

These lads are really going for it in this outdoor gay fucking shoot, sucking and wanking, and then sliding some hard uncut inches into some hot hole for a butt fuck right there on the ground.

I wouldn’t be turning that down, and I don’t think any of you would either if you had the chance.

So what’s your opinion, does it matter where you are? Do you always stick to stroking and sucking when you’re outside? Let me know! ;)

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