Howdy all! Can you believe it’s Friday already? It’s almost time to get ready for an evening out, but as I’m planning to hook up with a potential fuck buddy tonight I’ve been edging to some of the hot action on the Staxus site. I have a new scene to share with you guys in a little while, but in the meantime I wanted to get some pics of a pretty cool locker room twink fuck session on here for you guys to check out.

I love my job, because I get to enjoy these videos and tell you guys about them. With all the recent sporty themed action we’ve been adding to the site over the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting into some of the older locker room twink scenes too.

This one stars one of the fan favourites in a little kinky domination sex too, so all the Marty Love fans should pay attention ;)

You know this guy is really into dominating a hot ass, and he shares some of that with the sexy twink Damian Driek for this one. The locker room twink is enjoying a fantasy and imagining a big brutish dude using his ass and his cock for his own pleasure. In steps Marty Love to play the role of the fantasy man, and he does a great job of it too as he pulls the boys shorts down and gets to work spanking his delicious ass!

It’s a great fuck session, with the locker room twink getting his hole filled in by Marty and totally used by the muscled top until the cum can’t be held back ;)

I never really knew I was so into domination until I saw Marty Love in action, but I think a lot of you would agree that he could do almost anything to you as long as you got to play with that rock solid uncut dick of his!

Check out the video on the site, and make sure you pop back soon to see some pics from a new scene about to arrive any moment. And that’s a great locker room session too!

Marty Love fucks Damian Driek at (1)

Marty Love fucks Damian Driek at (2)

Marty Love fucks Damian Driek at (3)

Marty Love fucks Damian Driek at (4)