Justin Wilde and Nick Hansen are the stars of this oral lovers scene on the Staxus site, and if you get off on really handsome and cock-hungry twink boys then you really should watch this video.

They’ve just seen another couple making out, and the friends are so horny as a result of it they have to find a secluded place to share their own leaking dicks too. They manage to find an old outbuilding and their throbbing cocks are quickly out in their jerking hands as they fumble around and build up some loads for each other.

It’s all about the oral as the cock-hungry twink boys wank and suck each other, coating their cocks in spit and sucking as much juice from their friends pole as they can get. I really enjoy cock sucking scenes like this, especially when the boys are so obviously into it too.

Gorgeous muscled boy Justin Wilde is the first to pump out a warm load of ball juice for his friend to gobble on, but when it’s his turn, he seems a little more reluctant to taste the spooge! lol

It’s amazing to see obviously straight boys like him getting off on wanking and sucking a cock, but when the cum starts to splash around in their face they really need to be ultra-horny to willingly taste it! lol

It’s a great video, and I think the reaction Justin Wilde gives to the cum soaked cock in his face actually makes it hotter!

Sucking Hard Uncut Cocks (1)

Sucking Hard Uncut Cocks (2)

Sucking Hard Uncut Cocks (3)