Although I look like the kind of guy who might be the one into dominating boys like young Gregor Clark in this video, I would actually want to be him in this shoot as two muscled horny soldiers use and abuse him for their own pleasure. I guess that’s why I love the action in the Staxus Abused collection especially – I’m always imagining myself in the position of the boy being totally used ;)

So fans of uncut military men will really get off on this one from the Uniforms collection, and other guys like me who are into some real gay domination will love it too.

Gregor Clark is the innocent Polish citizen in Prague, stopped by Kamil Fox and Alex Grander. They want to see his papers, but he doesn’t have them with him. Instead of a fine, or some kind of reprimand, these guys decide that they need to kill two birds with one stone and teach him a lesson while satisfying their need to cum.

The uncut military men ask him into the nearest public mens room where he’s stripped, fed their dicks, sucked off and then fucked raw and hard by the two guys. They take their turns with his tight hole, each ramming him with their bare boners before wanking a heavy cum load from his balls and covering his face with their own ball juice too!

I don’t know about you guys, but if this is the way the military works in Prague I think I might have to go on a little trip and conveniently forget any form of ID lol

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