I was quite certain that I had shared this twink threesome video with you guys on the Staxus blog before, but after a little searching it seems that I might have been wrong. Not to worry, I have it here for you guys now and I think most of you will be clicking through to check out the video when you see some pics!

Tony Koch and Ernest Blue start the scene with some sexy fun in the bathroom, but when the doorbell rings and horny Tony finds gorgeous Milan Breaz all hell breaks loose! He’s not happy with one dick it seems, and when Ernest comes to find out where his horny friend has gone he walks in to find them sucking cock.

Like anyone would, he joins them, and so begins and amazing twink threesome with Ernest getting more dick than he’s probably used to ;)

What am I saying? We all know that all of these boys get a whole lot of cock when they’re not on camera too lol

Check out the video on the site by searching on “Blond, slim and smooth”.