How many of you have ever had a gay slave willing to do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted it? I once dated a guy who was a little like that. He was a big muscled guy who really got off on being told what to do, and I have to admit that it was a fun relationship! Some of the things I had him do were pretty hot, like film himself jerking off at a urinal with other guys around him, or walking around completely naked at a music festival. lol

Nick Daniels is the willing cute twink with a hot little ass just begging to be filled in this gay slave video in the Staxus Abused collection, but his mouth is gonna get a complete workout first.

He’s being used by his master Marco Bill, and although the idea is that he’s being dominated, you can just tell that the guy loves servicing that thick uncut cock and sitting on that pole for a bareback ride. There’s no hiding how much he gets off on being the submissive gay slave for his dominant friend.

Boot licking might be the start, but there’s a lot of cock worship in this one too. Marco Bill loves it, of course, but the hot mouth of his gay slave doesn’t come close to the tight chute of his ass sliding over that raw shaft and riding it!

Nick Daniels Gets Barebacked (1)

Nick Daniels Gets Barebacked (2)

Nick Daniels Gets Barebacked (3)

Nick Daniels Gets Barebacked (4)