It’s all about the chav twinks in this sexy video on the Staxus site. It really takes me back to the 90’s and the kind of fun I had with friends back then, but instead of the chav twinks we were “indie twinks” instead ;)

Jay L’Amour and McKenzie Cross are the lads appearing in this video, and I have to be honest and say that McKenzie Cross is my type of chav twink! He’s pretty sexy, and he has that really horny look in his eyes that kind of says he could be a total asshole if he wanted to be.

So the story behind this video is that the chav twinks are out in an old warehouse and sharing a can of beer (like all young lads in the UK do at that age lol) and they’re enjoying some shared wanking over some pussy mags (again, like most lads in the UK do!)

But when they need to shoot some cum, and they have some wet sucking mouths and some tight ass, those two cocks are soon being stroked and sucked between them, with Jay L’Amour eventually bending over and offering his tight little chav ass to McKenzie Cross!

We know a lot of straight boys experiment with sucking dick and wanking each other, but these videos do make me wonder how many straight boys slide their cocks into other boys butts when they get the chance.

Enjoy the pics of these horny chav twinks fucking and click through to watch the video too. And make sure you check back on the blog in a little while because I’m just watching a brand new video on the site and I’m gonna be sharing some pics with you guys when I’m done. That’s assuming I don’t squirt cum all over my keyboard and break it ;)

Two Brit Chav Boys Fuck (1)

Two Brit Chav Boys Fuck (2)

Two Brit Chav Boys Fuck (3)

Two Brit Chav Boys Fuck (4)