Have you ever been to a gay dungeon club before? It’s not something I’ve been that into when it some to real experiences, but I have to admit that the one time I did go it was amazing. We have some really intense gay dungeon porn and kinky fetish action on the Staxus site that I love to watch, but actually being in a place like that and watching a slave servicing a group of guys is really horny.

I really should have another night out like that. I was exhausted by the end of it all, but very satisfied too ;)

So this video is especially hot for the gay double penetration fans and the dungeon sex lovers. Thomas and Kamil are the masters arriving to use a slave who lays blindfolded on the table, and once the lad gets a taste of those hard uncut cocks he’s hungry for a lot more.

But this isn’t all about the sucking of course, this is about that gay double penetration as Thomas and Kamil both ease their juicy cocks into the boys snug little ass and fuck him at the same time! Can you imagine how intense that must feel? I love frott action, and the feel of another guys cock sliding against mine can have my dick unloading. So having both those cocks sliding together inside his ass too must be one of the most amazing sensations!

He takes that gay double penetration well though, ending up with two fresh cum loads being fucked into his hole. A sexy twist to the end of this is seeing those two dominant masters becoming cum slaves themselves and taking the boys jizz in their mouths!

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