We’ve featured some of Zack Hood’s action on the blog before, but because he is most definitely one of my favorite muscle men on the Staxus site I wanted to add some pics for this butt fuck video starring the hunk too. It’s one of the military theme videos on the site, and it’s an outdoor shoot too, and I know that combination is a hot one for many of our guys.

I was trying to think about what it was that makes Zack Hood so sexy, and I think it’s a combination of things. For a start, I love muscle cock. Although I get off on watching twinks and teens sharing their dicks with each other on video there is something intense about watching a guy like Zack Hood feeding his muscle cock to another dude. Then of course he’s real handsome too. I always thought this guy could have been a male model, but I’m really glad he chose porn instead.

The best thing about him though is his hunger for action. When he’s sucking a guys cock you can tell he’s loving every lick and suck of it, and when you watch his face as he plunges his muscle cock into a guys ass you can really tell that he’s getting off on the whole thing.

Some guys are just good actors, but men like Zack Hood are really into the action and and can’t hide their lust for cock and ass.

Outdoor Gay Military Fuck (1)

Outdoor Gay Military Fuck (2)

Outdoor Gay Military Fuck (3)

Outdoor Gay Military Fuck (4)