Good evening all! It’s the end of the weekend, and although I know a lot of you guys will probably be tucked up in bed by now (depending where you are in the world of course) I know there will be a lot of regular readers here checking out some of the action on the Staxus site. I guess I’m not alone in enjoying a late night jerk off before bed ;)

I think I might have the perfect thing for you in this post too, especially if you’re into hot young guys and some horny hung gay boy massage action too.

I know a lot of guys have different rules when it comes to what a big cock is. I actually knew a lad once who thought my cock was pretty big, even though I never really thought my 7.5″ dick was anything special. I think it’s all about personal opinion.

But I also don’t think there is any denying that the handsome hung gay boy Lex Olsen has some pretty meaty inches for Nicolas Cruz to deal with. He’s a professional when it comes to handling some impressive schlong though, and he’s a greedy boy ready to take it.

I admit that while I wouldn’t be refusing some of that lads ass, I would definitely love to suck on Lex Olsen’s big one ;)

I hope you have a good day tomorrow, and that you’ll come back to see some more too!

Lex Olsen Fucks Nicolas Cruz (1)

Lex Olsen Fucks Nicolas Cruz (2)

Lex Olsen Fucks Nicolas Cruz (3)

Lex Olsen Fucks Nicolas Cruz (4)