This really was something special! Not only did we get a great bareback fucking with Johnathan Strake and Ray Mannix, it was followed up immediately by a toy play wank session from new boy Lucas Drake too! Obviously the fans were going to love this, and if you haven’t watched it yet then you should really click through and take a look. If you’re still not sure then check out some of the opinions from the members!

Fan comments on Ray Mannix and 2 new boys 1

I do love Ray, and to be honest I don’t mind which position he takes either. I think he’s great as a top and a bottom too. I loved the cummy theme to this one, it’s great to see the boys really enjoying their loads in a scene and the whole Sperm Team series has been great for that. Like you I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing more of sexy new boy Lucas, his cum load at the end was excellent!

Fan comments on Ray Mannix and 2 new boys 2

I’m glad you liked both of these new boys Valcav, you’re obviously not alone in your appreciation of them :)

Fan comments on Ray Mannix and 2 new boys 3

I was a little confused about why he was kind of just added on to the hardcore scene in this one, but I can see why they did that. It’s not quite enough for a solo, and I assume the members don’t like solo wank videos as much. I think they did the right thing adding him to this one and delivering that great wank off, I hope we get to see a lot more of him in the future!

Fan comments on Ray Mannix and 2 new boys 4

A cream pie… that would be nice to see with Johnathan! As for advertising, I do wonder if they’ve seen a spike in sales all over the world as horny gay guys go out and buy those biscuits lol

Thanks for the comments guys, we all appreciate it! If you’re reading this and you haven’t clicked through to watch the cummy scene yet then I definitely recommend it.